9160 Summerlandway, Leeville via Casino, NSW 2470

Our Process

Development and Production

01Idea Generation

Our ideas are born from our own minds! We draw inspiration from our surroundings, needs of the market, and most importantly, a vision for a more sustainable future. This in-house creativity is the spark behind every Envirofuel product.

02Research and Development

Our research and development phase is vigorous and thorough. We delve deep into understanding the needs of our customers and the environment. This phase is crucial in ensuring that each product is not only innovative but also practical and sustainable.

03Sourcing Materials

We take pride in sourcing all our materials from our own production. This close-to-home approach ensures that every material used meets our high sustainability standards and suits our specific product requirements. By controlling the source, we maintain the integrity and quality of our final product.


01Production Techniques

Our manufacturing process employs techniques that are environmentally conscious. From the selection of energy-efficient machinery to waste-reducing methods, every aspect of our production is designed to minimize environmental impact.

02Quality Control

Quality is non-negotiable. All our briquettes are packed by hand, allowing for meticulous quality control. Any product not meeting our size or quality standards is rejected. This hands-on approach ensures that every item we sell reflects our commitment to excellence.