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Envirofuel Australia EST 2016
6 years of experience in eco-friendly briquettes

HistoryEarly Challenges

The road to success was paved with challenges. One of the initial hurdles was perfecting the moisture content of the mulch. Starting with a high moisture content of 40 to 50%, finding an efficient way to dry the mulch to the ideal 12 to 15% was crucial for the subsequent processing steps. Establishing a factory within a budget that could accommodate their unique production needs was another significant undertaking. Moreover, extensive trial work was required to develop a product that not only looked good but also burned efficiently, providing plenty of heat and a desirable flame for fire pits, especially tailored for traveller’s packs. Each challenge was met with perseverance and a focus on quality and sustainability.

Through these early challenges, Envirofuel Australia emerged as a pioneer in the industry, committed to providing high-quality, sustainable wood fuel solutions. The journey of Envirofuel is a testament to innovation, dedication, and the continuous pursuit of excellence.

The TeamMasterminds behind The Envirofuel 

Envirofuel is more than a company; it’s a family. Led by a dedicated husband and wife team, we’re driven by passion and a vision to expand our eco-friendly mission. As we grow, we hope to welcome new members into our Envirofuel family, sharing our journey towards a greener future.

leigh and kelly

Leigh & Kerry Hicks

Co-Founder Directors