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Envirofuel Briquettes

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Fueling the Nation with a Greener Footprint


About EnvirofuelFueling the Nation with a Greener Footprint.


At Envirofuel Australia Pty Ltd, we are pioneers in providing eco-friendly wood fuel solutions to households and travellers across Australia. Our commitment is deeply rooted in ensuring a sustainable, convenient supply of wood fuels, without compromising the beauty of our natural reserves.

UsesExperience the Warmth in Every Setting

Explore how Envirofuel Briquettes bring comfort and ambiance to any moment. From cozy evenings at home to adventurous outdoor gatherings, see the difference our sustainable fuel makes in these lifestyle snapshots.

Additional UsePowered Plant Growth -  Tea Tree Mulch

Transform your gardening with Envirofuel Briquettes. Just add two briquettes to 5 liters of water and watch them expand. Once fully expanded, break up any lumps to create a smooth, uniform mix. This ready-to-use mixture is perfect for your indoor or outdoor plants and gardens. It covers an area of approximately 70cm x 70cm x 2cm. Our briquettes are free from weeds, having undergone steam distillation and the briquette manufacturing process. They not only act as a superb soil conditioner but also enhance organic matter, stimulating robust plant growth. Embrace this eco-friendly, efficient way to enrich your gardening experience.

Envirofuel Australia EST 2016
6 years of experience in sustainable briquettes

Our Mission

Envirofuel is dedicated to adding value to tea tree mulch and bridging the gap in the demand for wood fuels. With a keen focus on serving both households and travellers, we ensure our products are easily accessible, sustainable, and comply with regulations that prohibit the collection of wood from state forests.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t just a term for us, it’s our core operation philosophy. By utilizing clean, steam-distilled Tea Tree mulch exclusively from our reserves, we avoid plastics and harmful production processes. Our packaging solutions, comprised of burnable cardboard and pine wood pallets, emphasize our zero-waste vision.


Our ProcessInnovation in Production

Briquette Measurements
Hotter, Cleaner, Greener

Discover the sustainable warmth of Envirofuel Briquettes. Transform your heating experience with our clean, efficient, and long-lasting wood fuel alternative. Say goodbye to the mess and environmental impact of traditional hardwood, and embrace a greener, more sustainable future today.

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